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Not Your Typical Pet Shop (and proud of it)



Welcome to "Specialty Pets L.L.C."

We are the areas newest multi pet center based in the old Jo-Mar's Petshop building. Building on the foundation and legacy of over 50 years of service, Specialty Pets takes over where Jo-Mar's left off. Unlike big box pet stores we are hobbyists first and foremost and we know what you need to keep your animals healthy and happy. We carry a full line of both fresh water and saltwater fish, ponds and supplies. We also carry reptiles, birds, small animals and supplies. Our specialty is saltwater reef tanks and we offer maintenance and installation on both fresh and saltwater. We also raise our own coral homegrown coral in our grow out system "Project 66" where we are involved in creating strains of healthy multi generational corals for the continuation of the hobby needs. If you need real experienced guidance then give us a call. We are still working on this site, feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

Saltwater Arrives every Tuesday, be here early or miss out.

"I would like to do it but saltwater is just to expensive!"

How many times have you heard this? Well from now on you don't have to pay top dollar for saltwater, introducing the new limited "Introductory Pricing" program only at Specialty Pets. You choose the price that is right for you, but hurry Introductory Pricing is good for 48 hours after arrival ONLY. Here is how it works:

Powder Blue tang (med) $59.99 (no warranty)

Powder Blue tang with 3 day standard warranty $79.99 (Spend over $250 upgrade to 14 day warranty for free)

Powder Blue with 14 day warranty (whatever equivalent sells for online with shipping added)

(example 0nly)ad

So dive in and don't be afraid the water and price is just right!ore: http://fragguy1.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=weekspcls&action=display&thread=1975&page=1#1323186731#ixzz1flvEN0oH


Lists are projected based on actual orders - Not responsible for shortages, or substitutions from supplier - no rain checks or holds

All warranty fish must be brought back with a separate water sample, tests levels must be tolerable for credit to be issued.

Here to help

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At Specialty Pets you can find items and livestock that you simply won't find anywhere else around the area. We specialize in harder to find fish and inverts, as well as higher end equipment for the serious reef or fresh water enthusiasts. If we don't have it in stock , chances are good we can find it and get it to you at the same price as some big online stores. You can also be assured that you receive the best advice and knowledge to help you achieve the best results as a hobbyist. If you have questions just ask.


The Reef Specialists

With close to 1500 gallons of saltwater tanks, one thing is for sure, at Specialty Pets we know saltwater and reefs, and we know a lot of other things too. We know you are looking for the best deals you can find. That's why we are competitive toward any of the big online stores. You will also be able to see some of this equipment for yourself and get a demonstration before you make any decisions on purchasing. Specialty Pets is run by people who are hobbyists and have decades of experience with marine tanks and reef set ups. You can rest assured you will receive the best possible information and support from us. We are in the business of creating new hobbyists. Bulk and special orders are always welcome. Call for details.


Ready for Serious Flow?

If you want real flow in your reef tank, and why wouldn't you? In our opinion there is no better way than using a Vortech MP system or a Tunze powerhead system. Both Vortech and Tunze can generate massive amounts of chaotic wave action and with smaller models available, can be used on tanks as small as 10 gallons! If you have never seen what a Vortech can do just take a look at our display tank. We keep Vortechs in stock at all times and can match any serious online vendor prices you will find. We can order any Tunze product you may need and are the areas only authorized Tunze dealer. Call for details.



Yes, we sell water

If you are setting up a reef tank then you need to make sure you have the proper water quality from the start. We use RO/DI water in our systems and recommend anyone setting up a reef tank do the same. We carry a full line of RO/DI filtration supplies to insure you have the best quality water for your reef tank. Don't forget to replace your sediment and carbon filters regularly to ensure longer life of your RO membrane. Why buy in line and pay shipping? We guarantee you won't find a better price on the RO/DI systems or supplies we carry. If you have a smaller system and just need water, we have that too. We carry both pre-mixed saltwater and RO/DO water. We test our water on a regular basis to ensure only the best goes into both our tanks and yours.




Project 66

P-66 started modestly from a handful of home grown coral and some small holding tanks. Today it is a state of the art coral propagation and research facility designed to maximize the growth of healthy coral to supply today's hobbyists with zero impact coral. The system allows the shop to have an almost un-ending supply of coral.

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As a reef hobbyist we understand the need for good quality equipment, that's why we research a lot of equipment to find only the best for today's saltwater enthusiasts. We also match and or beat online retailers to make sure you get the best possible price for that equipment.

If you have been looking for a great skimmer at a great price then we have you covered. From 10-multiple hundreds of gallons, we can provide you with the top of the line solutions for tank needs.

Drop by or call today, you will be glad you did.




What Kind of Warranty do you have on your fish?

You now have a choice of a 14 day warranty plan on select fish and inverts you order or buy direct at the shop. If purchased locally, you must provide a separate water sample. Credit will be issued for the price of your item. You may use the credit on live or dry goods in store or on line. Of course, for those who want the same great web buster prices we are known for, we will continue to give you the best prices we can on livestock.



We can order many species of fish for you but be responsible, think before you buy larger species and plan ahead. If you are looking for rare livestock, keep in mind that they are hard to find and may require time to find unless expressly mentioned elsewhere. Also remember that the responsibility ends with you as a hobbyist. Ensure you have what it takes to keep any animal or plant you purchase.

If you are interested in saltwater in the Kanawha Valley or in Nitro WV coral then you will want to shop at Specialty Pets , specialty pets LLC is the place for LE coral, limited edition coral, soft coral, LPS coral, SPS coral, good equipment such as Vertex, skimmers, ATOs, auto topoffs, TUNZE, Reef Octopus, BH90, BH-90 skimmers, BH 100, NW110. We carry other brands as well such as Coralife, T-5, metal halide, bulbs, replacements etc. There are other aquatic shops int he area such as Fuji's Reef Shop, Inland Reef, Pet Palace, Mountanier Pets but Specialty Pets is the areas only premiere aquatics specialty shop. Pets Mart in West virginia does not sell fresh water fish, or coral in West Virginia but Specialty Pets LLC does. Specialty Pets of Nitro West Virginia also sells TFG, The Frag Guys auquacultured coral frags which are hand selected for color. TFG produces heatlthy high color aquacultured pest free coral frags. Specialty Pets also runs the CVRC website as well as http://www.wvaquarium.org which is a learning source for both freshwater and saltwater enthusiasts. Cichlid and discus lovers will be excited by the high nunber of colorful and rare cichlids that can be special order from Specialty Pets. As well as aquatics Specialty Pets also sells reptiles and many types of herps. Like TFG coral Specialty Pets reptiles are hand picked for color and style. If you are an aquatics hobyist or herp keeper you will find everything you need at Specialty Pets. coral, live rock, saltwater, freshwater, koi, tetra pond, gorgonian, reef, LPS, SPS, zoanthids, zoas, xenia, mushroom, fiji, pukani, totaka, marshal island, mi rock, tanks, tank, aquarium, cichlid, aqueon, oceanic, perfecto, tetra, tunze, vortech, echotech, ecotech, mp40, mp60, radion, vertex, sunlight supply, reef octopus, pro line, zeovit, seachem, coralife, current usa, reptiles, herps, snakes, frogs, iguana, gecko, crested, crestie, CRS, crystal red, cherry red, boa, corn snake, ksb, Kenyan sand boa, king snake, python, repti sun, rzilla, zilla, zoomed, reptibark, birds, finch, gouldian, parrot, bird